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More About Beth......

I am so grateful you found ME!

I am here to help you awaken to your body's natural healing ability!

A large part of healing is centered on the mind-body connection because what happens in the mind happens in the body.

I am passionate about providing a safe and supportive space for you to work towards releasing emotional programs that limit your power to access your full potential, so you can experience vibrant mental, physical and emotional health.

 I am here to hold the space for you to access your own inner guidance and healing abilities. I help you discover that your source of peace and alignment is within you.

My unique approach combines simple energy exercises and transformational tools that allow you to develop skills for managing stress and anxiety, trust your inner guidance, recognize and release limiting beliefs and most of all, the ability to listen to the messages your body is sending.

 You have everything you need inside of you to heal. 

Let me help guide you, and show you the way!

I Have Been Where You Are.....

Listening to my body changed my life!

Why I am so passionate about sharing what I have learned......

Personally I have experienced my own challenges mentally, physically and emotionally. Just like many people, I struggled with managing my emotions. I was overwhelmed and stressed out! I was trying to juggle too may things. I had a hard time creating boundaries and asking for help when I needed it.  

During this time my body was constantly sending me messages.........

For me, those messages showed up in my skin! I battled horrible bouts of eczema and dermatitis from head to toe. Then I began experiencing food intolerances that would make my face swell up like a balloon! It got so red it looked like someone took a blow torch to my face! As it healed, I would experience unfathomable itching  and dry skin.  My skin was angry, irritated and frustrated! My body was trying to get my attention! 

My body also started screaming at me in the form of a uterine fibroid the size of a softball! This created frequent urination, heavy prolonged periods, anemia, feeling exhausted, and at times the pain would get so extreme it would leave me curled up on the floor contemplating a call to 911!  Again, my body was trying to send me a message!

In 2008 my family got a scare that would rock our world, my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive growing cancer in his thyroid! His body had been sending him messages for years in the form of joint pain, digestive issues, viruses, etc. Now it was screaming! I knew that it was time to take radical responsibility for our own health! 

Once we made the shift, we began to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally!

I was Determined to Heal Myself and My Family Naturally.......
So I studied, took online courses, went to seminars and workshops, read every personal development and spiritual book I could get my hands on, and ultimately got certified as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. 

I became obsessed with sharing everything I had learned!

I took back control of my health, my life and my happiness. I learned to stop looking outside of myself to find those things. I began to listen to my body, connect with my inner self, my truth, my spirit, the REAL me! 

That is when everything changed and..... I healed from the inside out! 
I applied what I had learned with my family and friends, and they too began to listen to their body's messages which allowed them to heal in ways they could've never imagined!

I Want to Help YOU do the Same......
I am excited to use this platform to help you discover what is keeping you stuck.

 Help you start listening to the messages your body is sending. 

Teach you to work through old beliefs, programs and traumas that are keeping you from being healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. 

It is truly my purpose and passion to help you recognize your painful patterns, clear them, and allow you to create the life you were meant to live. 

 I would be honored to walk along side of you on this journey!
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