How I Went From "You Can’t" to Watch Me!
Have you ever been told you can’t? How did that make you feel? Less than, unworthy, incapable? While working in the HR Training and Development Department for a major telecom, I was told that very thing. As I sat in on and helped the department facilitators with training, a fire started within me, and I knew with my God-given gifts that was what I wanted to do. The problem was the big “you can’t” I was presented with. 

The reason behind that “you can’t” was, I didn’t have a college degree.

Being in my 50s and working full time, with only one year of college behind me, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to school at night and on weekends. I figured it would take several years and that was not time I wanted to invest. I set that dream aside and continued to learn and glean what I could from each position I held with the company. I was greatly disappointed because I knew in my heart there was more for me, but I simply was not sure what it was.

By now, I am sure you are wondering how I turned “you can’t” into “watch me” if I didn’t go back to college. Well, that’s the good part!

In 2019, I became a forced entrepreneur when I was let go from my managerial position (by this time I was with a different company). I say forced because my choices were between starting my own business or going back to work for someone else. I chose to work for myself and started an online bookkeeping company. It was a quick and simple way to make money, but not something I really enjoyed. I am a creative person, and you can’t be creative in bookkeeping. If you try, there will likely be jail time.

About a year into that journey, I shifted gears from bookkeeping to mentoring and coaching. This was a perfect fit for me and my passions since I had already been mentoring for years. During this time, I also discovered my mentor. She taught me how to grow my business from a place of service and belief in myself and she showed me how to do it the right way.

I found my purpose in the process and realized I could teach others how to find theirs. I discovered that I could write my own training and courses and facilitate them. People are now inviting me to speak on leadership, purpose, and goal setting. 

How’s that for turning “you can’t” into “watch me”?

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