Are you as tired of the pivot as I am?
We hear everyone these days using the word pivot.  I understand why, it’s an easy word to describe the ever-turning of our lives, the detours, and missteps.
But I want us to consider a few different words for these events. Looking into a Thesaurus, I found words that sounded truer to what I feel is happening. Words that also were to me delightful, even beautiful.

How about we change the word pivot to twirl or whirl? Both words denote a dance and isn’t that after all what life is? A dance choreographed by the Master.
How wonderful it sounds to twirl or whirl our way around or away from the roadblocks or stumbling places in our lives. To think that our Father is watching us and delighting when we effortlessly twirl away from the way He doesn’t intend for us to go. How wonderful to realize that when we do misstep or stumble, He is there to lovingly guide us back into the dance. Or when we fall and feel like we have failed, He picks us up, dusts us off, and sets us back on the dance floor.
When we perform the whirls, getting the steps correct, it propels us to the next steps so eloquently. Even the falls and stumbles can become beautiful when we allow them to be part of this dance of life.
Another word I found that really struck deep into my soul was a French word or phrase, raison d’etre. The definition is The most important reason or purpose for someone; someone’s existence. It literally means, “reason for being”!
What if…the things in life that seem to block us, the things that make us have to turn and go another way…what if…these turnings, these twirls, and whirls are our “reason for being”?
It is in the turnings we usually learn our greatest lessons. It’s in those turnings we walk out and work out our mission and purpose in life. Without these detours, these about faces, these roadblocks, life would be a seamless straight road that not only would be boring but would teach us nothing.
What if our “reason for being” is learned, shared, and poured out for those that need to know that lesson? Those who need to see the detour ahead because running off the road would be so disastrous for them; that they may never find their way back.
As Christians, our “reason for being” is to point others in the direction of the cross. To show them the love of Jesus. Our “reason for being” is to give, to love, to teach, and to show the way to The Way.
Next time we hear the word pivot, let’s determine to think about how beautiful a pivot can be when we see it as a twirl or whirl in our dance of life. Let’s think about how this pivot may very well be a big part of our “reason for being”! I believe when we do, we will not only see a change in our outlook but in our lives as well.
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