Our Motto: Being fashionably fearless is a mindset and with the 
right mindset you can conquer the world. 

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Learn the necessary skills to become a celebrity stylist Learn how to run a fashion business Learn how to book your first celebrity client




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About Ebony Brown

Fashionably Fearless was created by celebrity stylist and costume designer Ebony Brown.  Originally from Detroit, Ebony is a Los Angeles based fashion expert with a world wide clientele. Ebony has worked with multiple celebrities such as Halsey, Camila Cabello, Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, Faith Evans, Kanye West, Young Thug, Sanaa Lathan, and many others. She also works with major brands like Nike, McDonalds, EBay, TikTok, Urban Decay, ect.  

Ebony has collaborated with legendary photographers and directors like Ellen Von UnWerth, David LaChapelle, Hype Williams and Marc Baptiste. She also designs custom wearable art costumes for The Wearable Art Gala by Tina Knowles-Lawson.

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Bonus dollar value

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