We will assess the body, the soul and spirit to see where change needs to happen to walk in harmony with heaven.
Integrated Counseling and Wellness, PLLC (ICW) is a company that desires to walk alongside you as you take your next step to health, hope, and healing. ICW is a mental/behavioral health and wholeness company started in 2022 after two visions aligned surrounding how people receive help. ICW is where traditional meets non-traditional, where East meets West, where integration is the philosophy, God is source, and the expressions of God can be experienced through the different professions offered at ICW.
ICW focuses on the three elements of life: the body and the brain, the mind, and the spirit, and we believe that health is when all three elements integrate and are in harmony together in oneness. When these areas are out of alignment, we experience pain - emotionally, mentally, physically, and/or spiritually. Pain is the universal message of awareness that something is off. This awareness indicates that something is out of alignment and needs to be brought back into alignment. When we misunderstand the message of pain, we can attempt to resolve it in this state of misunderstanding and cause further pain. If we can understand the message of pain and understand it, then resolution can be a reality. At ICW, we help people understand their pain so that resolution can be a possibility, and their next step can be a reality.
ICW offers different expressions of care that include holistic healing modalities such as chiropractic care and acupuncture that have high success rates with neck and back pain, headaches, and other health conditions. To support body balance and wellness, ICW offers ion detox foot baths and ozone insufflation, as well as nutritional support.
For mental health support, ICW helps those who struggle with stress and anxiety or need help with anger management, offering treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy. We also provide professional, compassionate care for those needing individual and couples counseling, as well as parenting support.
For those who are ready to dive deeper into spiritual identity, ICW offers Splankna, a Biblically-based mind-body protocol for inner healing. 
To learn more about Integrated Counseling and Wellness and to find out how the team can support your overall health wellness journey, reach out today! Booking can be done by phone or book an appointment online. 

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