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Meet Karen Blunier

My name is Karen Blunier
and my mission is help others find or restore their health so they can enjoy their life. 

I know what it is like to lose your health and how that becomes all consuming.  
In 2020 I battled breast cancer and for many years before that I battled with mental health issues silently. 
I don't want others to experience the pains that i felt if possible. 
I know that thriving in life possible because it I am living proof that it is! 

I know what its like to be a Busy mom who  is no longer "in your prime". 
I was also someone who knows what you should do but lacks either the motivation or crystal clear clarity to help myself with all my health needs when "spinning so many plates".  

I know first hand that it's easier to give up or give in when you are on your own.
I tend to struggle with motivation or clarity when I'm by myself or
feel like I'm alone in my journey.
That feeling can lead to the overwhelm or negative thoughts which affect not just your mental but also your physical health.
I have always done better with someone by my side,  someone to talk to and encourage me on. 
 If that is you too, I'm here to help. 
That is why I've created Well Rounded Wellness to help those that are like me.  

I am a health and wellness coach, a yoga instructor
and I  am a nurse that was trained in the military.
So whether it's a health coach you need to get back to your optimal weight, or
 a wellness coach to find natural solutions to your families current health issues or
 the commitment that attending live yoga class would be to  help keep you motivated and consistent in that area of your life. 

Are you Ready to feel capable hopeful, and be empowered that you are in charge of your life
and not be forced to only focus on what's wrong in your life?
Reach out to me~ I'm more than happy to help.
Because you matter and change is possible!


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