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Double your leads and high ticket clients without spending a fortune on complicated tech using this one-page strategy + training.

Coaches Love AttractWell

  • Testimonial Photo for Amanda D

    100% signed up because I was sick of having 500 different programs. I love that it's all in one. Honestly, I wish I would have started this when I started my business, not implementing now 🤦 but 100% grateful that I have it moving forward. It's been a serious game changer!

    Amanda D Health & Wellness Coach
  • Testimonial Photo for Aaron Krall

    AttractWell was the missing piece in my coaching business. Each client gets a 1-1 experience from me, and AW lets me automate the whole thing. Clients feel more connected, get better results and stick around longer!

    Aaron Krall SaaS Accelerator
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  • Testimonial Photo for Marc Mawhinney

    If there's anything that can kill the momentum of a coaching business, it's a lack of simplicity. Every minute spent on the back-end stuff is one less minute that can be spent on the revenue-generating activities. It's for this reason that I love what AttractWell is doing, and I highly recommend it for coaches!

    Marc Mawhinney Natural Born Coaches
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  • Testimonial Photo for Becca Johnson

    Before AttractWell, I was throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain each month for programs and systems that were meant to create more ease in my business. I only found they created more challenges and headaches. AttractWell resolved every single issue I was facing! Their simple and efficient platform provides everything I need for my business in ONE place. I no longer have to juggle multiple platforms to reach, attract, teach, and connect with my clients. My website, along with the backend features, provide me with every single system I need to serve my clients. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking it has to be so hard and expensive. It doesn't! AttractWell is your answer!!

    Becca Johnson M.S., CDMP. Certified PDP Professional
    Founder and President of Rooted You™ Consulting

AttractWell Helps Your Coaching Business...

or course creation, consulting, network marketing, direct sales, practitioner, or other online business...

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Attract your ideal clients with your personal brand to keep the leads flowing in. Grow your prospect and customer list with your own lead capture pages, or build your marketing website. Offer free or paid downloads or programs right from any page on your site, and let AttractWell follow up automatically over time with email and text campaigns. Connect your domain name to deliver a fully-branded experience for your visitors. Publish blog posts to attract search engine visitors looking for what you offer. Already have a marketing website that's working great for you? No problem. AttractWell works great alongside your existing site.

Replaces AttractWell replaces WordPress AttractWell replaces Squarespace AttractWell replaces Wix

AttractWell marketing website and landing page builder

Get Your Clients Better Results

Don't forget to follow through ever again! Use your contact manager to organize your contacts, personalize your email & text marketing and send to your lists, set reminders and to-do items for specific clients, and give them the best experience possible, whether you have 1 client or thousands.

Use automations for a seamless, hassle-free client journey until it's the right time for you to apply a personal touch. Automatically add to-do tasks for yourself when people complete key steps so you can reach out personally at the right times to delight your clients and keep them coming back.

Replaces AttractWell replaces Keap AttractWell replaces ActiveCampaign AttractWell replaces FloDesk

Offer Courses & Programs

Deliver your programs in your own branded-to-you member area, complete with a phone and tablet app that both you and your clients can use. Build a leveraged, automated system for both your pre-recorded material and group coaching programs to free up your day. Get your people off social groups and into your private member area with your resource pages and vibrant community discussion rooms, and transform their lives with your online classes. Offer one-time, payment plan, or recurring payment access to your vaults to create revenue on your own terms, or offer free vaults to attract leads. See who finishes classes, require and approve homework, unlock lessons over time, add tasks to your to-do list when people complete key steps, automatically send emails and texts when classes are completed, and more.

Coach Mark R "I've got more done in one week on AttractWell than I did in three months with Kajabi. I also have to say that to support that you all have given me in just one week has been stellar!" — Coach Mark R., Life Transition Coach

Replaces AttractWell replaces Kajabi AttractWell replaces Teachable AttractWell replaces Thinkific

AttractWell member area, vaults, and online classes

Meet Face-To-Face Online

Connect and communicate with built-in Zoom video conferencing, from one-on-one calls up to a group of 300 people. Perfect for discovery calls, group coaching sessions, and building relationships. Easily email or text meeting links. Zoom is integrated right into AttractWell for ease of use, no separate Zoom account needed.

Includes AttractWell includes Zoom meetings

Personalize Email & Texts

Get a dedicated phone number with AttractWell and give your customers individual attention at scale by personalizing your bulk or individual emails, texts, and picture messages with their name and other data. Send emails or texts automatically with campaigns, or send or schedule a single message to any number of recipients any time you'd like. Receive texts and phone calls on your AttractWell phone number with the included 2-way texting. Recipients can reply directly to your 2-way texting number so you can hold a conversation with them, adding that extra level of personal touch. No impersonal short codes - you get a regular phone number.

Replaces AttractWell replaces Mobile Text Alerts AttractWell replaces Textline

AttractWell personalized bulk email, text (SMS), and picture messaging (MMS)

Track Client Progress

Keep track of your clients' progress over time. Optionally share the progress with your client and even let them edit it to save you time as you track key metrics.

Replaces AttractWell replaces Coachific AttractWell replaces FitSW

See Who's Engaging

Know who's opening and clicking your emails so you can follow up at the right time. See who's clicking links in your text messages with a built-in URL shortener that's branded to you. Get notified by email or text of anyone who registers on your site with a landing page, and know when they visit your site again. See progress that your clients or prospects make through your online classes and know when they last visited your member area. Summary contact activity is sent to you in your daily activity email and your contacts dashboard.

Replaces AttractWell replaces Google Analytics

AttractWell view contact activity, who visits your site, who opens and clicks emails
AttractWell Built-In Analytics

Simplify Event Planning

Do you hold in-person or online events? If so, handle your events with ease using your events RSVP system. Publish your events on your website, invite people right from AttractWell, let them register for your event online, and send emails and texts to people based on whether they have said yes, no, maybe, or haven't replied, and more. Manage to-do items for events or use a follow-up plan with an event to automate repetition if you frequently hold the same type of event.

Replaces AttractWell replaces Eventbrite AttractWell replaces Eventzilla

Eliminate Repetition

Do you commonly take the same steps for each new client or hot prospect? Set up follow-up plans (which are pre-packaged lists of to-do items), schedule to-do items in advance, and get reminded on your AttractWell dashboard and with an email when the time is right. Follow-up plans can be applied after people complete key steps, letting you make the most out of your and their valuable time.

Replaces AttractWell replaces Todoist AttractWell replaces Teuxdeux

AttractWell Follow-Up Plans

Be Supported By Your Team

Set up separate accounts for your team members, or accounts for virtual assistants, guest bloggers, etc. Control what parts of your account each team member can see and change or remove access any time.

Be Productive On-The-Go

Be productive while you're away from a computer with the AttractWell phone and tablet app for both Apple and Android devices.

When you use it, you can manage your AttractWell system on-the-go to perform tasks like sending bulk emails, working your to-do list, setting up your website, and more. You can also interact in your member area.

When your contacts use it, they can interact in the vaults in your member area. This allows them to comment on discussions or make posts, watch your training, and access your resource pages that you've given them permission to see. It's like having your own app that combines the best of e-learning and social media, just for you. And it's super simple for both you and your contacts to use.

AttractWell app for phones and tablets, AttractWell app for you and your customers

Give Your Clients A Head Start

If you have a program that helps people grow their business online and your clients need a product like AttractWell, our resource bundle feature can give your students a head start on their own tech. Provide digital assets like web pages, campaigns, automations, classes, blog posts, and more for them to use in their own AttractWell account. A few clicks and their online business is off to a head start.

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Need Leads? Get the AttractWell free guide: One-Page Funnel For Coaches

Need Leads?

Double your leads and high ticket clients without spending a fortune on complicated tech using this one-page strategy + training.