Sherlyn "Char" Selassie
Pastor at Law
Founder, Law for Love

Delivering expert customized solutions

Creative Dispute Resolution
Legal Coaching
Pastoral Care
Seminars & Workshops

LAW FOR LOVE is making the difference for families in crisis
Examine the Evidence and Change Your Life
Char shares powerful insights to transforming from her own trauma and healing her marriage. Her remarkable insights equip, empower, and encourage others to uncover the spiritual roots of internal and interpersonal conflict.
We are here to equip, empower and encourage you through your difficult time. 

Compassionate Family Mediation

Law for Love is an industry leader in creative dispute resolution

Discover how you can avoid the expense, anxiety and combat of traditional litigation. Preserve your family's dignity by unlocking the power of private mediation.

Premium Divorce Coaching

Are you being totally honest with YOURSELF?

Explore our Compassionate Divorce Journey which is designed to heal YOU then your family. This is a wife-focused ministry which promotes healing through the Laws of Love which we have uncovered after working through THOUSANDS of divorce cases.

Training Resources 
Empowering, Equipping & Encouraging with these valuable resources.

Page-by-page instruction
Materials included with your purchase
Convenient, comprehensive booklet for all your essential estate needs.
Group workshops are available.

How to file your own Georgia Divorce (FREE)

👉 Understand legal forms in easy-to-understand language
      Understand the process from beginning to end
      How to prepare to finalize the case
👉 Learn how to avoid costly mistakes
👉 Get access to attorney help and pay only for what you need



Legal Coaching Support

We equip, empower, and encourage our clients to take ownership of their legal needs and choose the level of care that best supports them. Book a Legal Strategy Call today to explore your options and choose a plan that serves you best. 

We are Here to Serve & Support
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Coffee and Onions

Like the layers of an onion, heartbreak and trauma involve layers of complexity. Join us for girl talk and coffee to unburden your soul and gain support in a safe and supportive environment. Space is limited, registration is required.

Divorce Care

This free event is designed for men and women navigating the spiritual, emotional, and practical challenges of separation and divorce. Registration is required.

File My Own Georgia Divorce

(how much does this save them?)

One payment of $197


👉 How to begin and end your case
👉 Easy-to-understand language to explain forms
👉 Understanding mediation
👉 Understanding Child custody and parenting time
👉 How to approach child support


Virtual Lawyer One-on-One Support

Initial payment of $2,249.00

Pay only $1575 for 9 hours of dedicated support. 

👉 Draft your documents for you
👉 Review the documents you prepared
👉 Help getting your spouse served
👉 Preparing your child support worksheet
👉 Answers to all your questions and more . . .

This is a support for individuals representing themselves in family court. We do not attend court hearings or contact the court or your spouse on your behalf.

Access Coaching Support

Compassionate Family Mediation

This is our compassionate journey that may actually help you reconcile and includes a 6-month commitment 

👉 Mediation of all the legal issues
👉 We prepare all of the documents for you
👉 We invite your spouse to the process
👉 We pay the court fees
👉 Reconciliation is VERY possible
👉 Premium access to coaching and ministry

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