12 Session Emotional Detox

It's time to recover your Emotional Health! You don't have to live discouraged, defeated, and depressed. In this subscription you will receive access to the Emotional Health Detox program. I recommend participation twice a month (every other week). How the Emotional Detox works;
-Log into the class by signing up below.
-You will watch the first class (all classes are about 10 minutes long).
-Then read the corresponding chapter in the book, Soul Mend, which can be purchased on Amazon.
-Answer the questions at the end of each chapter and have a notebook where you can record insights and new truths that you learned from the class.
 When the Emotional Detox Class is complete you will then have weekly contact with me on the Marco Polo App for continued Emotional Health support! I have seen many clients helped in this process! I look forward to you joining me! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on my website below!

God bless you on your journey!

Luann Dunnuck, M.C, Th.D.

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$40 every month until canceled