Marcie Walker

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Meet Marcie Walker

Marcie is a passionate and trauma-informed Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach, and Consultant with a mission to empower women executives and small business owners to lead consciously and create positive change in the world. With a holistic approach blending various disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, and shamanic practices, she facilitates transformative journeys tailored to individual needs.

Specializing in therapeutic imagery, trauma resolution, and immune disorders, Marcie is also a skilled Executive Leadership and Development Coach, fostering mindful workplace cultures. As a Shamanic Practitioner, she integrates unique modalities, aiding clients in healing past traumas and aligning with their inner wisdom and purpose.

Marcie’s journey, marked by resilience and transformation from numerous adversities including cancer and trauma, has fueled her commitment to guiding others in their healing journeys. With over two decades of expertise in various fields including bookkeeping, operational management and holistic coaching, she provides a multifaceted approach to overall well-being and success.

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