Hey, I'm Portia!

I'm an award-winning nurse turned serial entrepreneur who spent my nursing career creating programs, running departments, and developing curricula for my employers. One day, I decided I deserved more and went out and got it!

Here are the facts... 

  • You're fed up with being asked, "when are you going back to school to get your RN?"
  • You feel shame or anger whenever someone tells you you aren't a real nurse.
  • The cost of living is through the roof, and your LPN wage isn't cutting it. 
  • You're pulling doubles and picking up per diem and PRN shifts to make ends meet. 
You're tired!

And the biggest slap in the face is that you're training every new nurse (RN or LPN) who walks through the door only to be made to feel worthless and dismissed because you have three letters behind your name instead of two!

You have so much to offer but feel like those three letters behind your name keep you from moving forward!

Well, I have good news.

You've been sold a lie!

You see, one day, I went to brunch with some old high school classmates who asked about my career and, after telling them I was working as an LPN, I was met with disappointment, pity and that all-too-common response, “Oh, so you’re not really a nurse?”

Back then, at that table, I didn't have the tools to advance my career and make my LPN license work for me. But as time progressed, I've gained tools, resources, and knowledge to build a career I loved AND was proud of! 

Today, I'm sought out to consult with nursing and health brands, speak to nursing programs, and help nurses like you make more money, enjoy freedom, and live on their terms. 

As a nurse, I've created programs and content for employers to positively impact patient outcomes. As an entrepreneur, I work with nursing and health organizations, platforms, and brands to create inclusive content.

When I'm not helping LPNs and LVNs grow their ideal life, you can find me growing my two digital media companies, one of which has helped healthcare professionals earn over $100,000.

I'm passionate about supporting nurses find ways to make their license work for them! Instead of work/life balance, I'm a proponent of life/work balance, and I can't wait to hold your hand along the way!

Two fun facts about me:
  1. I have a phobia of escalators
  2. I'm the reigning Ms. Black Alabama USA
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