Publishing Deal Evaluation Guide - FREE

Navigate the complexities of publishing deals with our "Publishing Deal Evaluation Guide", specifically designed for independent artists seeking to make informed decisions about their publishing opportunities. This guide equips you with the knowledge and tools to assess potential publishing partners critically, ensuring that any agreement you enter supports your career goals and respects your artistic integrity. 

Here's how it assists you in securing the best possible deal:

  • Criteria for Evaluating Publishers: Set clear benchmarks for assessing publishers, focusing on their track record, artist support, financial stability, and how well they align with your music and career aspirations.
  • Questions for Publisher Meetings: Arm yourself with a list of essential questions that reveal a publisher's commitment to your success, covering promotional efforts, royalty structures, and contract flexibility.
  • Decision Matrix for Comparing Offers: Utilize a structured framework to objectively compare offers from different publishers, helping you visualize which deal offers the most benefits and aligns with your long-term goals.
  • Contract Term Clarity: Gain insights into navigating contract specifics, from advances and royalty rates to rights ownership and term length, ensuring you understand every clause.
  • Strategic Negotiation Preparation: Prepare for negotiations with strategies and tips designed to enhance your bargaining position, ensuring you advocate effectively for your interests.
This guide is your ally in demystifying publishing deals, empowering you to make choices that not only advance your music career but also protect your creative works. With the Publishing Deal Evaluation Guide, you’re better prepared to enter into partnerships that foster your growth as an artist and ensure your music reaches its fullest potential.