Rights Management Checklist - FREE

Empower your music career with our "Rights Management Checklist", a vital tool designed for independent artists looking to navigate the complexities of rights and royalties. This checklist guides you through every step necessary to ensure your music is fully protected and that you're maximizing your earnings from every possible avenue. 

Here’s how it will transform your approach to rights management:

  • Copyright Essentials: Gain clarity on the fundamentals of copyright, ensuring your works are registered and fully protected under the law.
  • Publishing Rights Management: Outline the steps to establish and manage your publishing rights, crucial for collecting royalties owed to you.
  • Recording Rights Insight: Secure and manage the rights to your recordings, understanding the implications for distribution and sales.
  • Sync Licensing Opportunities: Identify and pursue sync licensing opportunities, a lucrative revenue stream for your music in TV, films, and advertisements.
  • Digital Rights Optimization: Optimize your digital rights management to protect and monetize your online presence across streaming platforms and social media.
  • Royalty Collection Strategies: Develop a comprehensive strategy for tracking and collecting various types of royalties, ensuring you receive every dollar you've earned.
  • Legal and Contractual Vigilance: Stay informed and vigilant about contractual agreements and legal protections, avoiding common pitfalls that can impact your rights and revenue.
With this checklist, you'll have a systematic approach to managing your music rights, from copyright registration to royalty collection and beyond. Protect your work, leverage your rights for maximum income, and ensure your music career is built on a solid legal foundation.