The Horseman's Journal
Your 2023 Ultimate Horse Journal and Planner 

Horsemanship is such a journey, and a very exciting and challenging one at that. Being able to best document and reflect on that journey is so important and useful in many ways. Reflection allows us to be able to see how far we have come, and to be able to best understand what is working, and what is not. In this journal, not only will you be able to reflect on sessions, horse shows, exercises and more, but you will also be able to PLAN your next ones. Have you ever gone into a session and just felt scattered because you did not have a clear picture of what you needed to do? This journal teaches you how to plan your daily lessons, your short and long term goals and gives lots of training tips to think about along the way. Planning out your sessions in a way that your horse best understands really does matter. This is a 200 Page wire bound Journal perfect to use to write and carry around wherever you need it most. 

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How Will it Help you? 

What all can you use this Journal for? 
  • Plan you weekly schedule 
  • Learn how to create goals and make action plans to achieve
  • Reflect on Training Sessions
  • Keep track of useful training exercises in your Exercise Vault
  • Plan out your monthly schedule 
  • Keep track of horse Shows, Trail Rides and Achievements
  • Track the 2023 Horsemanship Challenge 
  • Read great Horsemanship Tips 
  • Keep track of your horse Medical Records & More!

Your Horsemanship Journey will Appreciate this! 
The 2023 Horsemanship Challenge is quickly approaching in February and we want you to have the most success possible. Use this journal to keep you motivated and right on track! 
Don't fall into the trap of "Scattered Training." It is so easy to do for each of us. Your rides should be thought out and planned to work together. Each session in your week should be set up for the next in a way that helps your horse best understand your training program. Let this Journal help guide you and keep you on Track!
Reflection is a key piece to success in ANY area of our lives, but is especially important when working with a living being such as a horse. Use the many pages of reflection to keep track of your training sessions, and what you did good or what you need to improve on. Plus keep track of all of your Horse Shows and Trail Rides so that you never forget what all you have accomplished and how much work you put into it!
We can't thank you enough for being apart of our journey here and looking into our new Horseman's Journal. We are so excited to be able to offer it to each one of you, and so appreciative of your support. If you have not joined along in our Horsemanship Challenge that inspired us to create this, please join us on Facebook to find one INCREDIBLE community of passionate equestrians who are determined to meet their goals! 

~ Love Michael and Julia 

Information courtesy of Julia Lyons