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Meet your guide Masha

I’m a certified, holistic, health coach, IFS trained counselor and certified facilitator of somatic dance practice called Body Stories by TME.
It took me almost three decades to find peace and harmony within my own body and my mind and now I want to guide and help other women to do the same.
My mission is to empower women to feel sexy in their clothes, confident in the bedroom and love their reflection no matter what.
I inspire and guide my clients to develop the courage, worthiness, clarity to change and take action from a place of love when it comes to their body image, health and mental wellness.
In my practice we spend a lot of time connecting to the wisdom of our bodies, especially the heart space in order to cultivate more compassion, trust, and capacity to receive and grow.
Are you ready to step out of cycle of self sabotage, release old habits that are no longer serving you, and finally feel confident, supported and own your Self worth no matter what?
I invite you to connect to be part of a safe space where you can explore ALL of your parts, cultivate tools to help your heal your OWN body, mind and spirit, do less and BE more of your true, authentic SELF.

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