On Purpose Woman Book

On Purpose Woman Book
Ginny Robertson, the founder of the On Purpose Women Global Community and Magazine, has gathered together an expert author cast to help you step into your purpose as a spiritual entrepreneur like never before! Enjoy real stories and practical tools that’ll change the game in terms of your mind-body-soul wellness and your business. The search for an authentic guide from heart-centered, passionate women like you, is over. It’s time to reach for your dreams in a way that helps you serve from an overflow supported by a community that has your back. This is that book. Enjoy it now!

Women Loving Life Summit August 25 - 26th

Women Loving Life Summit August 25 - 26th
Hello my friend,

Want to love life more? I do!

So, when my friend and colleague, Kathryn Yarborough, invited me to speak at her online Women Loving Life Summit, I said YES! Join me and 24 other speakers for inspirational ideas, helpful tools, and ways to love life more. It’s FREE to join us live.

CLICK HERE to find out all about it.

Here are just a few of the topics:

·       The Missing Link to Success

·       Stop People Pleasing and Create an Authentic Life You Love!

·       The Butterfly That Changed Everything

·       Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate

·       Create A Productive Environment™ That Supports Your Well-being

·       Stop Living in Stress and Start Living in Flow!

·       And so much more!

It’s FREE to join us live on August 25 – 26, but if you can’t attend live, that’s okay. For only $47 you can upgrade to VIP and get all the replays. 

CLICK HERE to register now. I’d love to see you there!


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