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AttractWell Helps Your Coaching Business...

Attract & Convert Leads

Grow your list of prospects by creating your own web pages or landing pages from scratch or using one of our templates for a kick start. Offer a reward for registering like a free download, video, or audio, add your lead to an auto email campaign, and route them to the web page of your choice, your built-in blog, or a free or paid vault in your member area. Create custom web and capture pages with the website builder tool as well to completely customize your site.

AttractWell custom website and landing page editor Next: Deliver Better Results

Deliver Better Results For Your Clients

Use the contact manager to organize your contacts, personalize your email & text marketing, and deliver better results for your clients. Keep all your client information in one place. Filter your contacts by tags and other fields to create the perfect list for your next promotion or newsletter.

AttractWell contact manager Next: Client Progress

Track Client Progress

Keep track of your clients' progress over time. Optionally share the progress with your client and even let them edit it to save you time as you track key metrics.

AttractWell contact progress Next: Simplify Group Coaching

Simplify Group Coaching Programs

Deliver your programs in your own member area. Build a leveraged, automated system for both your pre-recorded material and group coaching programs to free up your day so you can spend more time doing what you love.

AttractWell member area and vaults Next: Online Classes

Create & Sell Online Classes

Boost and automate your revenue streams. Sell your classes and resources online for a one-time or recurring fee. See who is completing classes, require homework, approve individual students to move to the next lesson, and more.

AttractWell online classes Next: Bulk Emails & Texts

Personalize Messages In Bulk

Make your customers feel special by personalizing your bulk or individual emails, texts, and picture messages (MMS) with their name or company name. Send emails or texts automatically with campaigns, or send or schedule a single message to any number of recipients any time you'd like. Receive texts and phone calls on your AttractWell phone number with 2-way texting. Recipients can reply to your 2-way texting number so you can hold a conversation with them, adding that extra level of personal touch.

AttractWell personalized bulk email, text (SMS), and picture messaging (MMS) Next: Follow Up

Follow Up Effortlessly

Automatic e-mail & text broadcast marketing is sent out to new leads and to contacts you choose. Write your own content and have AttractWell send emails, texts, and picture messages on your chosen schedule. With your own 2-way texting number, set up a text-in campaign and have AttractWell reply automatically with one or more messages.

AttractWell auto email and text messaging autoresponder Next: Targeting

Contact Who You Choose

Powerful filtering capabilities in the contact manager let you target your messaging to the right audience. Tag your contacts to create your lists, and combine tags for powerful filtering capabilities to create your own custom lists on the fly. Create your own tags for unlimited ways to organize.

AttractWell contact filtering Next: Activity

See Contact Activity

Know who's opening and clicking your emails so you can follow up at the right time. Get notified by email or text of anyone who registers on your site with a landing page, and know when they visit your site again. All contact activity is sent to you in your daily activity email as well as your contacts dashboard.

AttractWell view contact activity, who visits your site, who opens and clicks emails Next: Video Meetings

Meet Face-To-Face (Online)

Built-in Zoom video conferencing lets you communicate more personally, from one-on-one up to a group of 100 people. Perfect for discovery calls or building relationships across long distances. Easily email or text meeting links to all or some contacts. Zoom is integrated right into AttractWell for ease of use, no separate Zoom account needed.

AttractWell Zoom video meetings built-in Next: Reminders

Reach Out At The Right Time

Know who's opening and clicking your emails. Get reminded of to-do items and key dates on your AttractWell dashboard and in your daily activity email so you can delight your clients. Assign to-do items to specific contacts. See what you've done and when with automatically created Past Actions, or add your own Past Action for actions you've taken with that contact outside of AttractWell.

AttractWell to-do items and reminders Next: Automate

Eliminate Repetition

Do you commonly take the same steps for each new client or hot prospect? Set up follow-up plans (which are pre-packaged lists of to-do items), schedule to-do items in advance, and get reminded on your AttractWell dashboard and with an email when the time is right.

AttractWell Follow-Up Plans Next: Simplify Events

Simply Event Planning

Do you hold in-person or online events? If so, handle your events with ease using our events RSVP system. Publish your events on your website, invite people right from AttractWell, let them register for your event online, and send emails and texts to people based on whether they have said yes, no, maybe, or haven't replied, and more. Manage to-do items for events or use a follow-up plan with an event to automate repetition if you frequently hold the same type of event.

AttractWell Event Management & RSVP System Next: Visitor Activity

Act On Visitor Activity

Know what your vistors are doing. Track views, new leads, email delivery, open, and click through rates, text message delivery, your own personal activity like sending emails, and more. See how your activities cause visitors to go to your site, and be able to see what individual contacts are doing.

AttractWell Built-In Analytics Next: Team Accounts

Be Supported By Your Team

Set up separate accounts for your team members, such as virtual assistants, guest bloggers, etc. Control what parts of your account each team member can see and change or remove access any time.

AttractWell team accounts

Coaches Love AttractWell

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    AttractWell was the missing piece in my coaching business. Each client gets a 1-1 experience from me, and AW lets me automate the whole thing. Clients feel more connected, get better results and stick around longer!

    Aaron Krall SaaS Accelerator
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    If there's anything that can kill the momentum of a coaching business, it's a lack of simplicity. Every minute spent on the back-end stuff is one less minute that can be spent on the revenue-generating activities. It's for this reason that I love what AttractWell is doing, and I highly recommend it for coaches!

    Marc Mawhinney Natural Born Coaches
  • Testimonial Photo

    I used to spend hundreds per month on 8 different tools (and a developer to keep them running!) I eliminated those expenses and now I have my lead generation set up mostly on autopilot so I can focus more on adding new clients and getting them results. Thanks, AttractWell!

    Mara Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
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