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Hi, I'm Lisa

....and I'm passionate about helping you shift your perspective. 

Feeling like you’re ‘broken’ or a ‘problem that needs to be fixed' (both of which are untrue) can keep you stuck in an unhelpful cycle of fear and dis-ease, impacting your health and getting in the way of everyday life.

My mission is to help you unpack what's keeping you stuck, shift old stories and beliefs, and tune into the awe of being human. The outcome is that you learn to ‘experience your experiences’ differently with a powerful change in perception.

My method is a unique combination of intuitive coaching and energetic clearing; designed to reprogram the nervous system and facilitate clarity, calm and acceptance. Affectionately known as 'get REAL' my process aims to connect you back to the truth of who you really are.

My approach is practical and down to earth with a healthy dose of humour and fun. It's a little less therapy and a little more remedy.

The boring bits:
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Certified MAP (Make Anything Possible) Practitioner
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant

from self-sabotage
to self-acceptance
Meet the Power Couple - 
Human Design & 'get REAL' 

Human Design

As human beings we often believe that we are a finished product when in reality we are an ever evolving work of art. This is really exciting because it means we have endless opportunity for self-discovery. That's where Human Design comes in. 

Human Design (or HD) is a self-awareness tool to help you navigate your life in alignment with who you truly are and awaken your innate wisdom and power. It provides a road-map for understanding 'you' and offers practical strategies to make better decisions, improve relationships (with yourself and others), manage the challenges of everyday life, and create greater peace and flow. As an energetic blueprint for success you can bring your body and mind back into balance and reduce the fears and stresses of everyday life .

Human Design is not a personality test and is based on your birth date, time and location. In simple terms it brings together elements of western astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu Brahmin Chakra System, blending modern quantum mechanics with human consciousness, biochemistry and astrology. These come together to create a diagram or map of your energetic body known as your 'bodygraph' or chart. You can access your free HD chart or personalised HD report below.


get REAL 

Once you understand your unique Human Design you can begin to identify where social programming and conditioning is in opposition to your true nature. That's where 'get REAL' comes in. 

The 'get REAL' process (Remember/Empower/Accept/Let Go) is a unique transformation strategy to assist in 'decluttering' your mind and dissolving old programming and stories. It specifically targets the personal beliefs attached to 'being human' so you can get out of your own way and start creating a life you love. 

Explore and dissolve the unhelpful narratives, beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck. Book a mentoring session here.

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