Product Mastery Course

About this course

Tailored for product managers who want to feel confident in strategy and product exploration!

Product Mastery is an online training course that takes place over 18 modules or 3 days of face to face. Each module includes a lecture component on theory and practice, interspersed with hands-on coaching and activities where you’ll apply what you are learning to your own product challenges. 

Regardless of a company’s industry, size, or the product they sell, software connects their business to the world; and the people building and managing that software play a key role in driving the business forward. In the past, product managers often measured success using a single criteria: Did the feature ship? Today, this no longer cuts it. Product managers must not only deliver on customers’ needs, but do so in ways that impact business outcomes like revenue and customer retention. How do they do this? With data over gut feel, continuous iteration, and a focus on business objectives from the onset. Building on those themes, this course will cover fundamentals of the product manager role and explain best practices by working through the phases of the Product Management Life Cycle.

o want to feel confident in strategy and product exploration

who want to feel confident in strategy and product exploration

Who should take this course?
This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the product manager role because you are either looking to make a career shift, recently started in a product manager role, or work with product managers and want to make a better partner. This course will help you get to the next level as a product manager, or get started towards becoming a product manager.

This course covers:
  • An overview of Product Management and its strategic role
  • Common challenges in product management and how to overcome them
  • A deep dive into each phase of the Product Management Life Cycle: 
    • Phase 1: Strategy Discovery (Identify, Align, Focus)
    • Phase 2: Product Discovery (Discover, Validate)
    • Phase 3: Product Delivery (Build, Launch, Evaluate, and Iterate)
  • Best practices and strategies that can be applied at each phase of the life cycle
  • How to build products that deliver customer and business value
What to expect:
  • Curriculum developed by a product manager & coach, for product managers
  • Engaging, instructor-led videos & templates that you can view & use at your own pace
  • Real-world examples from organisations such as McGraw Hill, Netflix & Starz/Lionsgate
  • Exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned throughout the course
  • Optional exam to check your knowledge and earn a certification badge
Course materials:
  • Online Course
  • Exam study guide
  • Miro Templates
Time commitment: 18 modules of self paced learning, online