Family Court is not at all what most think it is. It's not just about the law or who has the deepest pockets. I have the missing link that's keeping you from your desired outcomes!

You want to learn how to represent yourself from someone who knows all the inner workings of the Family Court system….that’s me! I will show you all the tips, tricks and insider methods of preparing, presenting and positioning your divorce or custody case for success. I use my previous experience as a family law attorney to help you see things from the judges view, through the lawyers eyes with your interests at the center.  This is STRATEGY, it’s what works best in unpredictable Family Court. You are guaranteed to learn some extremely valuable skills no matter what phase your case is in. 
*Serving all 50 states.* 

  • Pro Se Consulting
  • Pro Se Trial Preparation Coaching
  • Unbundled Services-Document Prep, Document Review, Research
  • Pro Se Family Court Membership
  • Mediation, Uncontested Divorce, etc.
  • Family Law & Family Court Legal Forms/Templates

Our Services:

Not everyone needs the same level of help or support. Some need more 1:1, while others get the same benefits from having a second set of eyes and ears to look over things. Either way, we have something for everyone, no matter what stage the case is in. 

Which one of our services is best for you? You need answers & results, not disappointment and large legal bills.

Whether you are just starting out or have been embroiled in a divorce or custody case for years, you need to understand some harsh realities.  If you don’t take control of your case, you will be hammered in Family Court.  You don’t have to hire the bulldog attorney, or outspend the other party in legal fees.  No, all you need to do is take matters into your own hands.  Stop being bullied and beat up on by the other party, the lawyers and the judge.  Get the support you need by working with an experienced family law professional who actually GETS IT & who will guarantee you better outcomes in your case. 

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With our services you will:

  • Understand how Family Court REALLY WORKS;
  • Learn how to find answers, how to use techniques and how to position your case best;
  • Get much better outcomes than the ones you've been getting; &
  • Receive the emotional/mental support you need most.
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