Document Preparation

Drafting family law documents can be a challenging task, particularly when you are concerned about wording your arguments persuasively, meeting the court's requirements, or using the correct legalese in them.  We understand this so we offer a service that helps you prepare your Complaint/Petitions, Motions, Show Causes, Discovery, Correspondence, etc. 

We have professional paralegals on staff that will prepare your documents with a guarantee that they will meet your court's requirements or we will continue to edit them until they do. 

Depending on your document, our turnaround time is 3-7 business days. 
NOTE: We are not allowed to provide these services in some states. We hire paralegals in certain jurisdictions so that we are not breaking any laws or rules.

Please ask about arranging to have your prepared documents served on the parties or other individuals involved.  We use independent and unaffiliated contractors to have people served with your legal documents. Thus, we don't have any control over how or when they are successful with delivering documents according to your court's rules. 

To have any document e-filed or filed in person is extra. Rates start at $25

To have any document served in state or out of state is extra. Rates start at $150.