Clutter is Sabotaging Your Business (what to do instead)

I'm obsessed with office supplies!

I sometimes have more than 5 different pens laying on my desk that I switch between and a minimum of 7 spiral bound notebooks in front of my keyboard along with random ideas scribbled on sticky notes everywhere. I usually laugh it off, but to be honest, it's embarrassing. 

Clutter is procrastination. It's a form of self-sabotage that keeps us from reaching our full potential. It's a huge distraction and is hurting your business.


Set Your Motivation On Fire

As entrepreneurs, it's an incredible feeling not having to answer to a boss, or dealing with coworker drama, but the flip side of this is that we have to be self-disciplined and motivate ourselves in order to run a successful online business. 

What happens when you just don't feel like working? It's fantastic that you can set your own schedule, but what happens when you lose your motivation and can't find it again? You started out with an abundance of passion and excitement, but it starts to fade, then you hit a wall, lose your way, get stuck spinning in circles not knowing what direction to go.


7 Obstacles that Lead to Burnout

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