Are you Ready to Take the 2023 Horsemanship Challenge?
For 3 years now we have helped to inspire thousands of equestrians across the globe to spend more time with their horses. Take the challenge, win prizes! 

What To Expect?
60 Sessions in 120 Days

We start on February 1st! Get in 60 sessions from then until May 31st and be eligible for thousands of dollars in prizes. A session is defined as 20 minutes of work either on the ground or under saddle. 

The Buckle Challenge

Want to go the extra mile? We have added the 100 Session Challenge again this year. If you go above and beyond the 60 and meet the 100 session requirement you are entered to win a buckle for your division. 1 Buckle for each division is given away, Youth, Adult, and Primetime (Over 50)

Thousands in Prizes 

Each person who makes it into the 60 sessions will be entered into a random drawing with a wide variety of prizes that will be given away. We are always so thankful to our sponsors for giving us incredible prizes to give out to each of you. Sign up for the Challenge, meet the 60 session goal, and be entered to win! 

By Entering this Challenge This is What You Will Get 

We have made this year even better! By signing up here today you will have access to

  • Your own Membership Portal for the Horsemanship Challenge accessed through computer, phone (app) or Tablet 

  • An exclusive Discussion Room just for those in this years challenge

  • The Portal includes all Major Documents on rules and important information easily accessed including the final Submission Link 

  • Discounted Rates to all of our New Online Courses already created and being created. 
  • Exclusive access Training Tip Videos for only those in the Horsemanship Challenge 
  • Discounted Price to the Brand new Ultimate Horseman's Journal 
  • Content Created to help keep you motivated and inspired through the Challenge 
  • A Chance at thousands of dollars in prizes 
  • Motivation to create the best possible relationship for you and your horse in 2023!
By clicking the Sign Up Button, you will be getting all of the above for only $14.99

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The Ultimate Tool for A Successful Horsemanship Challenge! 
**Orders Placed Prior to December 12th will go out before Christmas. Orders placed after will not go out until January.**
Horsemanship is such a journey, and a very exciting and challenging one at that. Being able to best document and reflect on that journey is so important and useful in many ways. Reflection allows us to be able to see how far we have come, and to be able to best understand what is working, and what is not. In this journal, not only will you be able to reflect on sessions, horse shows, exercises and more, but you will also be able to PLAN your next ones. Have you ever gone into a session and just felt scattered because you did not have a clear picture of what you needed to do? This journal teaches you how to plan your daily lessons, your short and long term goals and gives lots of training tips to think about along the way. Planning out your sessions in a way that your horse best understands really does matter. This is a 200 Page wire bound Journal perfect to use to write and carry around wherever you need it most. 

Push Yourself to Make 2023 Your Year with Your Horse 

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