Raising Resilient Youth: Practical Advice for Stress and Anxiety Management

In a recent podcast episode, professional counselor Lauren Wolfe delves into the topic of stress and anxiety in children and teenagers. She highlights the distinction between stress, which dissipates after specific events, and anxiety, which can persist and cause disproportionate reactions. Wolfe emphasizes the importance of downtime and self-care, which should be modeled by parents to teach children the value of these practices. She also discusses the delicate balance between pushing for success and maintaining mental health in high-achieving teens. The episode concludes with practical advice for parents and educators, including recommended reads on adolescent mental health. By understanding the differences between stress and anxiety and implementing strategies for resilience, adults can better support the well-being of young minds.

Unlock the power of belief and turn your dreams into reality.

In a recent episode of the College and Career Ready podcast, Lia Valencia Key, the creator of Valencia Key jewelry, shares her inspiring rags-to-riches story. Rising from a life of poverty, Lia's journey demonstrates the power of self-belief, visualization, and the transformative power of small actions. She emphasizes that no action is too small and that even minor changes can make a significant difference in our lives. Through a heart-to-heart discussion, Lia delves into the impact of personal connections and the importance of believing in oneself. The episode concludes with an inspiring conversation on the power of connections and serves as a reminder that our predicament does not determine our destiny. By tapping into our inner light and taking steps towards our dreams, anything is possible.
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