Celebrating a Milestone: UW Upperclassmen's Insightful Journey with ZeroProofExperiences

A group of University of Wisconsin upperclassmen recently collaborated with ZeroProofExperiences, a company promoting a lifestyle that doesn't rely on alcohol for fun. Through meticulous research, the team discovered key insights about the non-alcoholic beverage industry, such as its thriving growth and the awareness among students about non-alcoholic options. The team's findings also highlighted the main drivers behind drinking habits, including stress relief and socializing. Armed with these insights, the team crafted engaging social media posts and blog articles to connect with their audience on a deeper level. They also provided practical recommendations for ZeroProof to promote a healthier social culture on college campuses. The webinar sparked lively discussions about changing attitudes towards social drinking and the growing interest in alcohol-free events. This collaboration has been a journey of discovery for everyone involved, and the insights gained will shape the future of ZeroProofExperiences and the beverage industry as a whole.

Zero Proof Experiences: We Drink. We Just Drink Differently.

Zero Proof Experiences: We Drink. We Just Drink Differently.

In a world where socializing often revolves around alcohol, Zero Proof Experiences (ZPE) stands as a beacon of change, celebrating the joys of an alcohol-free lifestyle. This transformative venture, born from personal journeys and a shared vision, is reshaping how we view and engage in social events without alcohol.

The Genesis: Susie's Inspiration

Susie, a health enthusiast known for her active lifestyle, embarked on an alcohol-free journey without intending to give it up forever. However, six months in, she found more joy in her sober life than she ever did while indulging in wine. This newfound appreciation for an alcohol-free lifestyle was, however, met with limited options and uninspiring alternatives in social settings.
Determined to change this narrative, Susie envisioned a platform where the alcohol-free community could enjoy luxurious, inclusive experiences. This vision led to the creation of Zeroproof Experiences/Sober in the City.
The inaugural event in downtown Long Beach marked the beginning of something extraordinary. Attendees from across the United States gathered for an evening of refined zero-proof cocktails, a gourmet meal, and inspiring talks, setting the tone for the future of ZPE.

Peggi's Transformational Story

Peggi's path to sobriety differed significantly. Her journey from 'grey area drinking' to choosing sobriety was catalyzed by a deeply personal intervention from her family. Her sober date, July 12, 2019, marked the beginning of a new chapter.
Attending the Sober in the City event in Long Beach was a pivotal moment for Peggi. The experience was more than she expected – a magical, supportive environment where the sober curious and serious could breathe easy and connect genuinely.

When Susie invited Peggi to be the keynote speaker at the next event in Sacramento, it was an opportunity to share her story and showcase the richness of sobriety. The event, filled with guests and speakers from diverse backgrounds, solidified the essence of Sober in the City – a celebration of life without alcohol.

Building a Community: The ZPE/Sober in the City Format
ZPE/Sober in the City has evolved into weekend-long experiences, blending socialization, empowerment, and fun. The format includes:
  • Solo Socials: A welcoming space for attendees arriving alone, promoting ease and connection.
  • Meet and Greets: Interactive sessions with local and national AF leaders.
  • Diverse Activities: Workshops, discussions, and outdoor activities catering to varied interests.
  • Gala Dinners: Elegant evenings paired with non-alcoholic beverages and keynote speeches.
  • Local Exploration: Highlighting the beauty and culture of each event location.
In Portland, Maine, for instance, attendees enjoyed a sunset cruise and a dinner on Peak’s Island, showcasing the local charm.

The Impact of Sober Socializing
Susie and Peggi have made profound observations about sober socializing:
  • Breaking Stereotypes: Alcohol-free living is increasingly accepted and celebrated.
  • Genuine Connections: Authentic interactions flourish in alcohol-free settings.
  • Clarity and Fun: Clear-headed conversations lead to meaningful and joyful interactions.
  • New Perspectives: Sobriety reveals a world that is anything but boring.
  • Value-Based Relationships: Building friendships based on shared values and clear minds.
What's Next: Expanding Horizons
With events planned in Tampa and Bali in 2024, ZPE is all set to continue its journey. Each event promises a unique blend of local culture, engaging activities, and empowering talks, like the one from Becky Vollmer in Tampa.

The Visionaries Behind ZPE
  • Susie Streelman, the founder, brings her personal transition from a wine aficionado to an advocate for alcohol-free living. Through ZPE, she creates experiences that celebrate life without the need for alcohol. 
  • Peggi Cooney, as Chief Connections Officer and a sobriety advocate, contributes her expertise in social work and personal transformation. Her book, “This Side of Alcohol,” and ongoing advocacy, highlight the positives of a sober life.
Join the Movement
At Zero Proof Experiences, we're not just redefining socializing; we're creating a movement that embraces joy, connection, and personal growth in an alcohol-free world.
For more information and to join our upcoming events, visit zeroproofexperiences.com.
We drink. We just drink differently.