I have been eating the Trim Healthy way for ten years and love their products! You absolutely can be a Trim Healthy Mama without any of their products though and eat only from the grocery store.
I have been sharing how amazing the health benefits are for FREE for years and years, but now I am an affiliate for TH, and I'm so excited about it because I will get a very small percentage AT NO COST to you if you use my affiliate link. 
 TH has sales A LOT.
My family would be so appreciate if you used my affiliate code to place your TH orders.
Remember this is NO extra cost to you!
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The THM food analyzer app is
This App is helpful to find out what category each food is.
If you're a beginner and need help identifying what meal type each food is or if it's on plan, this app is so helpful!

It will tell you S, E, FP, XO, SP, or NOP for not on plan.  It will also give amounts if needed.

You can also click on each picture to get access to Free quick start download, digital workins, made makeup, podcast, study guide, etc!

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