Meet Shahira Qudrat
A coach for multicultural women who want to focus on their professional and personal development
My Background

☑️  I am a multicultural woman who considers her social identity as an Afghan-American woman

☑️  I am a TEDx speaker! See the link to my talk on our home page

☑️  I am a lifelong learner with an MBA, and an MA in Global Community Engagement 

☑️  I am SHRM certified. I love people and the the value of a diverse workforce!

☑️  Past Chair of the Gender Pay Equity Committee of the Denver Womens Commission 

☑️  With five (yes 5!!!) kiddos I am a MOM through and through. My oldest is in his 20’s and youngest in elementary #momlife

☑️  I wrote a book published in 2018. See more about it below!

☑️  AAWA (Afghan American Womens Association) Resilience Award

☑️  My top five Clifton strengths include: Futuristic, Ideation, Relator, Achiever, and Connectedness (If you work with me you will know yours too!)


I am on a mission to elevate ONE MILLION multicultural women.

We need transformational leaders that can relate to and understand others, as well as demonstrate high levels of Cultural Intelligence. Multicultural women make the perfect candidates.

My methods and claims are all research based, so please ask me how I know!
I started Multicultural Coaching LLC to foster a safe and inclusive environment where multicultural women can freely express themselves and embrace the person they are and the person they want to be. 

Your voice and experience matter, and once you realize that, there is NO STOPPING YOU! Living as a multicultural American woman myself, I understand the cultural nuances that can exist within one person.  While juggling dual-identities is a part of who we are, sometimes it can get in the way of clarifying our values and setting goals we are truly aligned with. 

My Book

Along with being a coach, I am the author of Authenticity in America: A Memoir of Rebellion and Dual Identities, where I confront the intersection of difficult subjects such as immigration, feminism, religion, discrimination, harassment, and living as a Muslim and Afghan-American woman in America post 9/11 through powerful and poignant stories of seeking and living her authentic self in everyday moments

I also serve as a business leader in strategy and planning who merges passion with purpose. I have over 20 years experience in the private and non-profit business sector. My core strengths include organizational change management, high functioning team development, business strategy planning, and project management. 

Show up as you are, whole, right now.

The only constant is change, however we achieve transformation through growth and development.

Above all, is LOVE. 
Love who you are.
Love what you do.
Love the challenges that come your way!

Are you ready to change your life?