Attorney Vetting/Search

Finding an attorney you can trust to advocate for you (and your family), be prepared for each court appearance, and be transparent with respect to settlement can be quite a task.  You should make every effort to search, screen, and vet the attorney from every angle to ensure that you are getting the "right" one for YOUR CASE. There is no one size fits all, you need to ensure that you get the one that suits your specific needs.

We can help with this. We take time to search for the attorney for you, we screen them by digging deeper to find their unique skills, experience, and talents, we will conduct research to help determine their success rates, and so on.  This process is intended to increase your chances of hiring the attorney that matches your expectations, has a reputation equal to or greater than the opposing counsel, and gains insight into their experience with your assigned judge...knowing all of these increases your chances of "success".
NOTE: The fee covers a search of one jurisdiction and will recommend the top 3 matches.