Evidence Organization

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Have a hearing or trial coming up and need help getting your evidence in order?

Gathering your evidence might be something you were able to master, at least what you think is evidence.  However, knowing which evidence to use to support the disputed issues, how to get that evidence in and the likelihood of it being admitted are things that most litigants need help with. 

Understanding the Rules of Procedure, along with the Rules of Evidence, requires in-depth examination to ensure proper application.  

Things like photographs, school records, text messages, screenshots, etc. are all subjected to the rules of evidence and need to be given extensive consideration on the best way to use them. 
Here are a few reasons why evidence is important in your custody case:
  1. Evidence may narrow the issues in your case.
  2. Evidence may promote settlement.
  3. Evidence will help prepare your case for trial.
Having evidence, in addition, to witness verbal testimony, allows a judge to "hear" and "see" exactly what you are talking about. Evidence is invaluable in presenting your side in a custody case.

We use our Evidence preparing software and experienced paralegals to help get your evidence ready for trial.