Legal Research

Finding the right law and caselaw is an integral part of preparing & presenting your case. However, conducting research needs to be done correctly to render the best results. 
The frequently changing laws and ever-evolving caselaw, should not be overlooked when you're preparing your case for trial.  Memorandums of law, motions, etc. are all effective ways to employ legal research and should be explored intensely. 

Our paralegals are experienced in providing legal research services and are knowledgeable of the fundamental principles and issues of law related to the topic of the research undertaken. Thorough knowledge will help in determining the law on significant issues and facts, therefore, increasing your chances of getting the best outcome in your case. 

NOTE: The fee covers one hour of research on up to 2 issues. Any additional issues or time will be billed before the work is completed. ( New issues require more time and a wider search.)

This research applies to caselaw or court procedural rules/laws only. Research on lawyers, judges, or experts are separate items listed in the store.