Artist Spotlight: HeavyMetal Trvp
In today's electrifying music scene, where sounds mesh and bold characters stand out, you’ve got Heavymetal Trvp lighting the way. Straight out of Richmond, VA, with a dash of Florida flair, "Heavy" or "HeavyMetal Trvp" as he's known on stage, whips up a killer vibe where heavy metal’s punch meets the slick groove of hip-hop trap. It's this killer combo that nails down his vibe and cements his rep as a real game-changer in the world of tunes.


HeavyMetal Trvp embarked on his musical voyage with an early start, showcasing his rap skills in recording studios from the age of 12. This foundational period was crucial, allowing him to refine his talent and establish a deep connection with music. Without the traditional markers of a budding artist's journey, Heavy's path was characterized by an unwavering commitment to his craft and an early dedication to the music industry that set the stage for his unique sound.

As he transitioned from a young talent to a professional artist, Heavy's focus shifted entirely to music. He immersed himself in the world of production, engineering, songwriting, and performance, laying the groundwork for a career that would later challenge and redefine genre boundaries. His relentless pursuit of mastery in these areas fueled his creative evolution, enabling him to collaborate with well-known figures in the music industry and marking the beginning of his rise as a solo artist. Drawing inspiration from the discordant melodies of Disturbed and the slick verses of Lil Wayne, Heavy is the architect of his musical works, constructing each track from the ground up. This includes laying down the beats and fine-tuning the engineering components. His creations are a showcase of deliberately designed song frameworks and exceptional lyrical prowess.

Within the collective of Latitude28 Band, Heavy's role was pivotal. His infusion of heavy metal and hip-hop "trap" music into the band's repertoire brought a fresh and electrifying energy to their performances. His contributions extended beyond the stage, as he played a significant role in the songwriting and production of their first band album, "Living Magic", which highlighted his versatility and collaborative spirit. 

Touring with Latitude28 Band and belting out Top 40's hits provided Heavymetal Trvp with a rich tapestry of experiences to hone his vocal prowess and stage presence. Alongside the band, Heavy captivated audiences far and wide, from the heartland of America to the cultural crossroads of Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Suriname, and beyond.

Then, in the midst of the global Covid shutdown, Heavy alongside Latitude28 Band, pioneered a path to bring live music to those starved for entertainment. Where many artists paused their performances, this band hit the road, orchestrating a series of socially-distanced Drive-in Concerts complete with fireworks. Heavy's dynamic presence lit up the outdoor stages, delivering unforgettable performances across the United States in places like Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, among others.

However, it is through his solo endeavors that HeavyMetal Trvp's artistic identity truly shines. These projects allow him to fully explore the depths of his musical influences, blending the aggressive edge of heavy metal with the rhythmic flow of trap music. This fusion not only distinguishes him within the music scene but also serves as a testament to his innovative vision and ability to create a unique sonic landscape.

In every aspect of his career, HeavyMetal Trvp demonstrates a commitment to pushing musical boundaries, blending genres, and creating a distinct voice within the industry. His journey from a dedicated youngster in recording studios to a pioneering artist in "Trap Metal" is a reflection of his growth, creativity, and the transformative power of music.

A Phoenix Rising: Heavymetal Trvp's Solo Journey

Embarking on a solo career, HeavyMetal Trvp has proven that he is more than just a lead vocalist for a band; he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His solo projects reflect his ambition to become a household name, driven by a desire to create music that resonates on a deep, emotional level.

His music, a raw and powerful fusion of genres he aptly dubs "Trap Metal," speaks to those who crave authenticity and emotion in their music. Through his innovative sound, Heavymetal Trvp transcends traditional musical boundaries, offering a voice to those who feel unheard and shining a light on the human experience with lyrics that promote positivity, gratitude, and the law of attraction.

Triumphs and Testimonies of Resilience

HeavyMetal Trvp's journey from sleeping on park benches to touring internationally with Latitude28 is a testament to his perseverance and the transformative power of music. His featured episode in the reality show "Making It with Latitude28," available on Amazon Prime, offers an intimate look at his rise to stardom, highlighting his dedication to his craft and his ability to overcome adversity.

His collaborations, including notable projects with Wu Tang Clan's DJ Symphony, and hosting Latitude28's popular live music review show, have further solidified his position in the music world. These accomplishments, coupled with his victory at the prestigious South By Southwest (SXSW) competition and so much more, underscore his talent and determination.

A Vision for the Future

HeavyMetal Trvp's music is not just an expression of his artistic vision; it's a movement. Through his self-produced tracks and impactful lyrics, he invites listeners to join him on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. His presence on social media, under the handle @HeavyMetalTrvp, extends his influence beyond the music, creating a community of fans and followers who are drawn to his message of positivity and resilience.

With his "Chef Life" single "Fry" hitting a million streams in spring 2021, Heavymetal Trvp started getting calls from artists like Bezz Believe, Lil Tjay, and Lil Xan to collaborate. Stepping on stage with these performers and planning his own tour, Heavy's making waves in the music world. The industry's movers and shakers are paying attention, and fans everywhere are getting excited about what he'll do next.

As HeavyMetal Trvp continues to navigate the music industry, his legacy unfolds as a reminder of the boundless potential of the human spirit. In a world hungry for authenticity and innovation, his journey from the ashes of his past to the heights of his future serves as an inspiration to all who dare to dream.

In the end, HeavyMetal Trvp is not just an artist; he's a symbol of the power of music to inspire change, challenge norms, and create a space where everyone is welcome. His story is a beacon of hope and a call to action for aspiring artists and music enthusiasts alike, proving that with passion, perseverance, and a willingness to defy expectations, anything is possible.

HeavyMetal Trvp's narrative is one of triumph over adversity, a reminder that the most harmonious melodies often emerge from the deepest struggles. As he blazes a trail through the music industry, his journey embodies the spirit of creativity and the unyielding pursuit of personal and artistic truth. Through his music and his story, Heavymetal Trvp invites us all to break free from the confines of convention and embark on a journey of our own making.

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  1. This gentleman is one of the most intelligent, hard working, inspiring, persons I’ve ever known!! His dedication and passion alone makes him a great, now let’s go into his work ethic💎 Watching someone follow there dream,witnessing the good and the bad yet seeing a champion rise, fall, think, learn, redirect, all with such strength and faith, it’s beyond any words, this man deserves his flowers!!! He is a true super star!!! Very proud of you Heavymetal Trvp, YOU ARE IT🌟👑
  2. Wow, I can honestly say you've been through hell and back my Heavy, but I met you through Ashley's pack and you were homeless back then and look at you now!!! I never ever lost hope in you because I knew you had it in you, just a lot of obstacles you had to overcome. This auntie loves you with all her heart and soul my Heavy.....Sky's the limit now, go for it and God bless you always ❤️ 🙏

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