Hi, we're Practical Healing.

The Practical Healing team believes that health is more than just numbers on a page, scale, or lofty goal that is always out of reach. Physical and mental health enables you to live out your purpose, achieve your goals, and authentically connect in relationships. 

This is our hope for your healing journey.

We want to help you make personalized choices that lead to changes and changes that lead to freedom, whether your goal is health optimization or living well with chronic disease.
"For years I went from doctor to doctor, all of which were unable to diagnose 
my GI issues etc and made me feel unheard and defeated, then I came across 
Practical Healing...After only six months of working with Sarah and her Staff, 
I finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan and am seeing so many positive 
changes already! I am so grateful for the care I have received thus far 
and finally feel hopeful once again about my future!"
If you're looking for a partnership on your 
health journey, you've come to the right place.


Relationships and Connections
Our ultimate goal is to partner with our patients. We value our connections with our patients and believe that good communication and continuous care can result in lasting and impactful change for the better. 

Details and Analysis
Our skilled practitioners perform expert comprehensive evaluations, provide you with relevant health education, and guide you with personalized recommendations and explanations because details matter.

Comprehensive Wellness
We find the root cause of any health problems using a systems-oriented mind, body, and spirit approach and then create personalized treatment plans and lifestyle modifications to optimize your health.
Start your healing journey.

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