Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have body composition and weight loss goals
  • You're not loving how your clothes fit 
  • You're in search of a science-based program for women
  • You're looking for real-life support and community 
  • You're stressed about finding the "right way" to eat
  • You're ready to find a long-term solution

What if you could find a solution...

ReShape is a high-accountability 12-week weight loss 
program for women at every stage of life.

Here's what you'll get when you enroll in ReShape:

1. 12-Week Women's Weight Loss Program:
Practitioner and dietitian-supported program with educational video modules and handouts. This program is designed to support women at every stage of life in reaching their weight loss goals. 

Example topics covered include: 
  • Sleep
  • Planning for success
  • Stress
  • SMART goals
  • Movement
  • Meal planning            
2. High Accountability and High Support:
  • Weekly check-in reviewed by a practitioner or dietitian 
  • Weekly virtual or in-person support groups led by a practitioner
3. Detailed Assessment:
  • 30-minute Nurse Visit with InBody Composition Scan and vitals
  • 60-minute Practitioner intake visit 
4. Welcome Kit:
  • Shaker bottle
  • Food scale
  • Journal 
  • Welcome Letter + Program Roadmap 
  • Binder
5. Prep Modules: 
  • Video modules with steps to complete before starting
  • Education on macronutrient tracking and food quality 
6. Tools for Success:  
  • Sample meal plan
7. InBody Scans: 
  • Gain valuable insights into body composition measurements 
  • Scans at any time throughout the duration of the program

Get Started Today.
When you enroll in ReShape you will take the first steps toward 
lasting results. We would be happy to support you on this journey. 

"Working with Practical Healing completely changed my perspective on weight loss. 
With their help I have been able to lose and keep off over 60 pounds. More importantly 
they helped me to see it was more than just calories in and calories out and factors like 
inflammation, sleep, stress, hydration and food allergies can all affect weight gain/loss. 
I feel so much healthier than I have in probably 25 years! It has truly changed my life!"
- Jocelyn
Meet Your Instructors
Hi, we are Logan (PA-C, IFMCP), Lindsay (MS, RD, CSO, LD), 
and Sarah (PA-C, IFMCP).

We can't wait to support you on your health and weight loss journey. 

As healthcare practitioners, we have worked with hundreds of women 
struggling to just feel better.
We saw the need for a science-based, practitioner-designed program that 
provides a high level of support and accountability from actual humans (us!). 

When we have both the tools and support to reach our goals, amazing 
results happen. We hear it every day in our office from our patients. 

Let's team up to help you achieve your goals so that you can show up as 
your best self.
Commit Today.
We can't wait for your success story to begin.

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