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Hello, Lovely!

You've heard me say many times before, I'm here to help you succeed on your THM journey!

A key to staying faithful is accountability and tracking your meals and the time you ate them.

Here are two apps for meal tracking, accountability, progress tracking, and food pics:

THM Journey App

The THM Journey App is available to track your meals and you can see what other people are eating on their journey. My favorite part is you can choose your meal type, so you can document how many S, E, FP and XO meals you're eating.
 You can download the Journey App for one low, lifetime price, follow others in similar circumstances, post meals for accountability, and track your progress.  You can follow me at Faith, Hope & Charity. Here is a screenshot of how my profile on my app looks:

As you can see you can track your progress, set your goals, keep a selfie journal and track your progress through comparison shots. 

 You can download it for Android or Apple and the cost is $7.99

If you're in my coaching program, I encourage the THM Journey app over the Ate App because it's the one I use, but I still wanted to let you know of the one I used before THM came out with theirs.
The Ate App:

The Ate App is really great because it shows the timestamp of when you ate.

This app used to be free, but I am pretty sure there is now a charge to download it on Apple and Android.

Using an App to track my meals, goals, and achievements has been life-changing!
It really is the key to helping you be successful on your journey. I hope you will consider getting it!

Have you heard about my Firm Foundation Course? We do a book study on the THM Plan Book and I am available to help and answer your questions every step of the way! Check it out here:

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions. 
Remember, I am here to help.



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