What is Firm Foundation?
Firm Foundation is a self-paced, online course that takes you chapter by chapter through the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book. This course is for a THM beginner, a person having trouble grasping the plan, or a person who really wants to dive into the principles of the plan and needs extra help getting it. This course is chocked full of information and is a GREAT deal for the wealth of information you are getting.

This course has 35 lessons that include a short video, graphics, and pdf files for each day and each chapter of the book. It's like getting a picture guide of the plan with a video, to sum up each chapter, cementing a firm foundation of the Trim Healthy Mama plan. The course is also chocked full of encouragement, recipes, mindset work, and daily habits. I truly want you to have a Firm Foundation set for a lifetime of health! The course should take around 30 minutes a day and has 35 lessons to work through. It is a self-paced and self-taught course that has no access to ask me questions.

If you need extra help, accountability, and encouragement, I recommend that you sign up for Coaching with Charity alongside this course.

Coaching Breakdown

When Does It Start?
I don't want you to wait for a future start date, so contact me and I will get you in with a fantastic group of ladies, who will become your new best friends! Choose Option 2 to benefit from learning Firm Foundation in a group setting.  You will experience encouragement from your peers, and excellent help from Charity, your coach, every day!

What do I need for this Course?

I highly recommend getting these two books for the course. We will be going through the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book chapter by chapter. The cookbook is not necessary right now but is a great book if you want to start cooking with recipes. These are valuable resources that you will keep returning to long after the course is finished, so it is definitely worth the investment. If you would like to buy a book, click on the link below. However, if you would like to save money right now, you can get the books from the library.
If they don't have them, ask if they will get them for you.

What is the Cost involved?
To make this course as accessible to as many people as possible, I have created it with 3 options in mind. 
Please choose the option that suits you best.
Option 1
No access to me.
Course online forever for you to view.  

Option 2
Group Coaching 
 Six weeks of Marco Polo interaction every day
Course online forever for you to view.  

Option 3
One-on-One Coaching
Six weeks of interaction and encouragement with me every day
 Course online forever for you to view.  

Attention FF Graduates!
Trim Healthy Mama is not a once-off course but a lifestyle!
If you've done the Firm Foundation course and LOVED the community aspect, I have a great new option for you!
FHC Butterflies is my new initiative that provides continuous support for all the graduates who have enjoyed the Firm Foundation coaching experience and community. Because THM is an ongoing lifestyle, it makes sense to have an ongoing community! This coaching will continue on the Marco Polo platform and will cost you $45 per month. You can decide how long you want to be part of the community and purchase on a month-to-month basis.
Please Check In with your coach, Charity, for more information on how you can stay in 
the FHC Butterflies Community on Marco Polo!

Amount to be charged:

Payment Info

Please Note:
Once you have purchased this course, you should receive an email from me immediately. If you don't, please reach out and email me at faithhopecharity@charityingleright.com so that I can assist you!
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