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AttractWell is a new and easy way to market your small business online. Find your hottest opportunities for growth today.

AttractWell is a new and easy way to grow your small business online. Find your hottest opportunities for growth today.
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Small Businesses & Solopreneurs

Simplify your online marketing with our all-in-one system. 30 day money back guarantee.
Landing Pages • Website Builder • Blogging • Contact Manager • Events • Autoresponder • Email & Text Marketing • Follow-up & Reminder System • Integrated Zoom Video Meetings • To-Dos • Separate Account For Each Team Member • And More

Attract Attract visitors to build your list with your own website builder, landing pages and a blog, personalized to you. Know what they're doing with built-in analytics.

ConvertSend personalized emails & texts automatically after visitors register on your site. Leads go into your easy-to-use contact manager.

CloseCommunicate with your visitors when they've opened your email. Email, text, or meet using Zoom video conferencing, all built into AttractWell.

DelightRecognize key dates, follow up on time, & keep your team and customers updated with the latest.

Benefits & Features

Simplify Your Life & Grow Your Business Online

Attract & Convert Leads

Grow your list by creating your own web pages or landing pages from scratch or using one of our dozens of templates for a kick start. Offer a reward for registering like a free download, video, or audio, add your lead to an auto email campaign, and route them to the web page of your choice or your built-in blog. Create custom web and capture pages with the website builder tool as well to completely customize your site.

AttractWell custom website and landing page editor Next: Referrals/Reviews

Referrals & Reviews

Looking to reward your customers for referring friends, family, and colleagues to your business? Use AttractWell's referral system to collect your customers' referrals and know exactly which customers are referring others so you can reward them when their referral does business with you.

Looking to manage your business' online reputation? Follow up with your customers using a 1-question survey email that promotes your online presence on major rating sites. Many people use review sites now to research your business before they contact you. Be there and look good!

Next: Get Found

Get Found On Google

Get found on Google with your own blog. Publishing your own content is a great way to stand apart from your competition. Or use the auto blog feature to display content from any blog with an RSS feed. Also, optionally personalize your site with custom images at the top and write your bio or "about us" page to let people know who you and your company are and what you do. And, email or text everyone when you publish a new blog post. See a sample AttractWell blog site.

AttractWell personal website and blog for your small or network marketing business Next: Contacts

Keep Contacts Updated

Use the contact manager to organize your contacts, personalize your email & text marketing, and leap ahead of your competition. Filter your contacts by tags and other fields to create the perfect list for your next promotion.

AttractWell contact manager Next: Bulk Emails & Texts

Personalize Messages In Bulk

Make your customers feel special by personalizing your bulk or individual emails, texts, and picture messages (MMS) with their name or company name. Send emails or texts automatically with campaigns, or send a single message to any number of recipients any time you'd like. If you optionally purchase a phone number, you can also receive texts and phone calls on your number. Some plans include a phone number for free!

AttractWell personalized bulk email, text (SMS), and picture messaging (MMS) Next: Follow Up

Follow Up Effortlessly

Automatic e-mail & text broadcast marketing is sent out to new leads and to contacts you choose. Write your own content and have AttractWell send emails, texts, and picture messages on your chosen schedule.

AttractWell auto email and text messaging autoresponder Next: Targeting

Contact Who You Choose

Powerful filtering capabilities in the contact manager let you target your messaging to the right audience. Tag your contacts to create your lists, and combine tags for powerful filtering capabilities to create your own custom lists on the fly. Create your own tags for unlimited ways to organize.

AttractWell contact filtering Next: Activity

See Contact Activity

Know who's opening and clicking your emails so you can follow up at the right time. Get notified by email or text of anyone who registers on your site with a landing page or through the "contact me" feature, and know when they visit your site again. All contact activity is sent to you in your daily activity email as well as your contacts dashboard.

AttractWell view contact activity, who visits your site, who opens and clicks emails Next: Video Meetings

Meet Face-To-Face (Online)

Built-in Zoom video conferencing lets you communicate more personally, from one-on-one up to a group of 100 people. Perfect for sales webinars or building relationships across long distances. Easily email or text meeting links to all or some contacts. Zoom is integrated right into AttractWell for ease of use.

AttractWell Zoom video meetings built-in Next: Reminders

Reach Out At The Right Time

Know who's opening and clicking your emails. Get reminded of to-do items and key dates so you can delight your team and prospects, on your AttractWell dashboard and in your daily activity email. To-do items can be associated with specific contacts. See what you've done and when with automatically created Past Actions, or add your own Past Action for actions you've taken with that contact outside of AttractWell.

AttractWell to-do items and reminders Next: Automate

Eliminate Repetition

Do you commonly take the same steps for each new customer, team member, or prospect? Set up follow-up plans, which are lists of to-do items, schedule to-do items up to 3 years in advance, and get reminded on your AttractWell dashboard and with an email when the time is right.

AttractWell Follow-Up Plans Next: Events

Events With RSVP

Do you hold in-person events? If so, handle your events with ease using our events RSVP system. Publish your events on your website, invite people right from AttractWell, let them register for your event online, and send emails and texts to people based on whether they have said yes, no, maybe, or haven't replied, and more. Manage to-do items for events or use a follow-up plan with an event to automate repetition if you frequently hold the same type of event.

AttractWell Event Management & RSVP System Next: Analytics

Visitor Activity (Analytics)

Know what your vistors are doing. Track views, new leads, email delivery, open, and click through rates, text message delivery, your own personal activity like sending emails, and more. See how your activities cause visitors to go to your site, and be able to see what individual contacts are doing. More analytics details and a longer time frame are available with upgraded AttractWell plans.

AttractWell Built-In Analytics
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Customer Testimonials

  • Testimonial Photo

    I love the way we can customize and have already doubled my 'sign up for email' customers in a few days!

    Mara Tennessee, USA
  • Testimonial Photo

    Is there somewhere I can give you 5 stars for customer service, 5 stars for ease of use in your back office, and an extremely attractive website and blog? You rock! Thanks!

    Shawna Oregon, USA
  • Testimonial Photo

    What an amazing product you have created. I am thrilled to have an all-in-one tool! No more integration headaches.

    Kristin Kelowna, Canada


Change plans any time. No long term contracts.

Included in all plans

  • Lead Generation & Capture
    Build Your Own Landing Pages With Lead Capture
    Write Your Own Blog Posts
    Built-In Visitor and Website Activity Reporting
    Website Builder
    Save Time With Landing Page Templates
    Use Your Own Domain For Your Website
  • Contact Manager, Marketing & Follow-Up Suite
    Contact Manager
    Lead Capture
    Landing Page Templates
    Build Your Own Landing Pages
    To-Dos & Follow-Up Plans
    Import Your Contacts
    Email, Text, & Picture Broadcast Messaging
    Send Newsletters By Email, Text, & Picture Message
    Daily Contact Activity & Reminder Emails
    Automatic Follow-Up Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Email us at with any questions!

Q. How does blogging work?

You can use two powerful blogging features. All plans allow you to write your own posts. Your own posts can include photos, videos, and files. If you have the Basic or higher plan, posts and photos from your favorite blog can also appear on your site automatically. Both your posts and outside posts can appear together if you choose to use both at the same time.

Q. What are marketing credits?

Every plan has a certain number of marketing credits. One marketing credit is used when you send an email to a contact through our contact manager, either manually or through our automatic email marketing system. Text messages start at 15 credits per message. Picture messages (MMS) start at 40 credits per message. You can purchase add-on credit packages either on a monthly or one-time basis if you need more than your current plan offers.

Marketing credits renew every month for the amount shown above in the Pricing section. So, if you use up all your marketing credits one month, they will start over again on your monthly billing date (or on the day of the month you originally signed up when you're on an annual payment plan).

Q. How does the referral program work?

If you refer someone, we'll credit your account for 1/2 of one month's subscription fee for the person you refer if both the person you refer and you are still active customers after 30 days. The person you refer gets half off his or her first month.

Referring someone is easy. Each AttractWell website has a sign-up link that tells us who you sent to us so you can get credit for the referral. We also have a referral link in the AttractWell back office. Just send your referral to your website and tell them to click the link at the bottom of your page, or send them your referral link. It's that simple!

Q. What is VIP Email Delivery?

For plans with VIP Email Delivery, someone from our team will work with you to configure your domain to send mail from AttractWell. This will let AttractWell send mail directly from your email address on your domain instead of from our generic "from" address on our domain. This also isolates your domain reputation from others using AttractWell, so your domain will have its own reputation and won't be influenced by the mail sent by others.

This requires that you send from an email address on a domain that you own. VIP Email Delivery will not work if you send from addresses on domains you do not own, such as,, etc.

Q. Domains

If you don't have a domain (e.g. but want one, we recommend buying from We can then help connect your domain to our website - email to do that.

If you already have a domain, you can use it for your AttractWell website. Or, if you have a domain and email from another provider already, we can accommodate that too. E-mail us at for more info.

Q. Are your sites SEO-friendly?

Yes! Our sites are search engine friendly and will be indexed by Google and other search engines. Any content that you publish on your blog will be found and indexed as well to help your site stand out and be found.

Q. What do your marketing suite and contact manager offer?

Our easy to use contact manager has powerful bulk messaging and personalization capabilities. Contacts may be added to your contact manager by entering them manually or importing contacts from CSV files. Also, when visitors contact you or register on your website, they are saved in your contact manager and automatically added to an automatic email campaign to follow up for you.

In addition, the contact manager offers tagging so you can organize your contacts to create lists. You may assign any arbitrary tags you choose to any contact. For example, "Coupon List", "Came to Class", and "Main Mailing List" are some ideas. You can filter contacts by contact information and tags, then send those contacts an email, text or picture message or add a follow-up plan or automated marketing campaign. When you import contacts, you may also assign a tag to them. This lets you import multiple lists while retaining the ability to send to that list after being imported into AttractWell.

Email opens, link clicks, and email delivery status are tracked as well for emails you send a contact, which you can see inside your contact manager. You may add to-do items to any individual contact as well and set due dates on each one. If you have any to-do items due or contact activity, you'll be sent a daily reminder and contact activity email about to-do items on the day a task is due along with activity from your contacts on the previous day. The daily contact activity email contains a link to go directly to the contact in your contact manager so you can see what they did and take action if you'd like, such as contacting them.

If you commonly add the same to-do items to contacts, you can set up a follow-up plan. A follow-up plan is a series of to-do items that you want to do on specific days after you add a follow-up plan to a contact. For example, if you'd like to remind yourself to call the contact after 8 days, 30 days, and 60 days, send them a package in the mail on day 45, etc., you can create these follow-up plans and apply them to your contacts. When you mark your to-do item as done, it automatically shows up in the contact's Past Actions, which is a history of actions on their record.

You can manually email, text, or picture message your contacts, which then shows in your contact manager along with the message you sent. If you have done something that AttractWell cannot capture, such as making a phone call, you can record that you did that by creating a Past Action and noting what you did.

You may also choose your default marketing campaign to automatically send to new web leads.

We also comply with spam laws. All our emails have opt-out links. Anybody who reports an email as spam is removed immediately from receiving future emails. Recipients of texts or picture messages may opt out of all future text or picture messages by replying STOP and can resume at any time by replying START.